Z. E. P. H. A. N. I. A. H.

Zones of life with the muse of the the living! ! Able to see the works of mankind on earth;

Expressions and Feelings! ! Exploring the ways of life with our works on earth;

People and places! ! All in one! To see the minds of the people;

Here on earth with our Voices and Choices! ! ! Some for righteousness and, others for evil;

Ability!Adventure! ! Awesome! ! ! When the right thing is done;

Noted with muse of the people always seeking for peace and love than hatred and war;

Insight and wisdom along the line! Than Killing and Destruction! ! ! !

Accepting the Facts and Pacts of Righteous Laws! Following after righteous morals;

Here and there with the fragrance of life and the romance of nature.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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