Zero Is Yet To Be Defined Long

Vanquished predecessors
once fabricated their foot-heels
over stony calligraphic structures
once their hungry horses bred thousands offspring
with regular masculine speed and over-beared journey
through hot and thorny strictures of hills mountains river-banks
and spring of deliberate bloodshed
no war ever won forever

predominant today when cloud gathers with cannons and carter
when long hunt of rowdy cannibals who never stop
to crash the virgins of soil and topographic territory
who never stop to steer the gear of guidance of peacemaking jugglery,
tracko to terminate wharf of whims
which the commons clutch to hurry their bowls full of food
to contract a fortune for their seedlings
for a dream for hoovering around the earth

predominant shout a sweet devastation
by the charm of demonstrating sky-ship
click for fire to burn
for sprints to pierce,
for blast to magic a part of map under the surface
where lies our vanquished predecessors

poor poet who has no heaven or hell
simply mathematise a nothingness
to celebrate no-entity nocturnal emission of enlightened faculty
thinking the mercy which one needed for yet to live on time
when clowns are the best
to perform as genius for mankind or kind to a man

and the real saviour commonly imprisoned
behind the chaos of the dominating doctrines....

Pranab k c

by Pranab K. Chakraborty

Comments (5)

Always mindful of the peace movement of the sixties, Something along the same lines.
'Vanquished predecessors once fabricated their footheels over stony calligraphic structures' this was pastoral safer age for planet earth before we harnessed atoms learned how to deforest continents indifference melt polar ice caps before blind greed; conventional nuclear, chemical, biological warfares threatened humanity all species with global event horizon extinctions always we return again to these themes while world leaders seemingly learn nothing a worthy theme regards Terence
Very thoughtful write explain the postive thoght a poet can convey. Excellent -10
Very poignant write and excellent explanations here.
This is an excellent anti-war poem and conveys the 'role' of the poet true to reality. It's pre- con- and will be post- historically memorable.