Zero Was Erased By A Fine Looking Ten

Zero was a man who respected only fear
As he would impose fear whenever possible
On any one smaller or weaker than him
He liked to threaten all women with rape
Describing how his enormous member
Would do all the work to provide the enjoyment
And how good it would feel penetrating that fat ass
Making them squeal and begging to be given some more
As a youngster his father who was a laborer and derelict
Gave him a bit of advise one day
While holding the hair of his mother's head in his fist
And wearing his Sunday's best wife beater's T
His dad took another gulp of his cola and gin and said
'Son you've got to take what you want from this life while ya can
And don't let any dumb bitch or any damn punk tell you ya can't'
These words spoken by his hero who was a four time convicted felon
Our impressionable anti hero Zero took to heart
Many crimes and misdemeanors later.....
Zero was getting down and kickin' it with some friends
When a fine young thing with a tight little booty
Walked up and significantly set his plans back
About six and a half feet from where he'd been standing
Blowing the smoke from the barrel of her enormous gun
She smiled and said aloud in front of the gathering crowd
'Now big man whose your Daddy? Or better yet...'Whose your Momma? '
A man needs to know his illegitimates.....

2007 © T Sheridan

by Ted Sheridan

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hard core hard hitting poetry street savvy lifespeake great stuff ted
I really like this one, Ted. Very profound lessons to be learned in this poem. The title is perfect for the story being told. Excellent work. Ashley xo