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Zeus As The Swan And Leda (Free Verse Sonnet)
(03 April 1964 / Johannesburg, South Africa)

Zeus As The Swan And Leda (Free Verse Sonnet)

Poem By Gert Strydom

In your beautiful flight thunderbolts did literary come out of your wings
and speechless Leda did notice you in the sky and was astounded
where your wing-beat did purely cleave open a way through the blue,
where you did gleam blue-white and as a swan you were disguised on that day
where you did decent next to her and without fear with arms open wide
as if driven she did run into the embrace of your broad wings,
an unknown impulse and passion did drive her to terrible fulfilment
and every bit of her self-conceit and declining humanity were stripped from her,
where she did shake from passion and ecstasy when you folded around her,
where she held you in her whole body and the ring of her arms tightly,
almost inhuman did meet you as an equal from face to face where you were folded
around her in moments that did only have meaning for both of you,
where you did shudder in her where lightning-bolts did strike out from both of you
and later with wonder she did stand naked and alone.

© Gert Strydom

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