RFS (June 23,1979 / Lapaz, Iloilo City)

Zeus My Father

Abraham Lincoln in the personification of Rogelio Sorioso my father
Who's names could also be David or Joseph as the truth of the matter
Born on the Thirteenth of November in the year Nineteen Forty-three
Rogelio unlike Abraham wasn't born for such glory and greatness
He was more like a slacker than responsible in its chosen likeness
For his purpose wasn't to serve his people but to live according to his belief
Bringing me to this world was his only given task chosen in his own relief
We had chosen a poor and quite simple family to be down to earth
To be groomed for such greatness even since the time of my birth
The name Rogelio could not be as great as the name Abraham the US president
But he is in fact satisfied that his own son would do the honor for he is confident
Rogelio the son of Basilio who was a Provincial Fiscal at the Iloilo Capitol
Although my father Rogelio also aspired of having the Lawyer as its title
My father Rogelio grew up without any formal guidance from its parents
He learned the vices of smoking, drinking and gambling at quite a young age
He was also satisfied with the opportunity of working without any fixed wage
His dreams of becoming a Lawyer died when he was imprisoned during the martial law
After my Uncle Roque in Manila got fed up with all the mischievousness that he did saw
Even though my father was in fact a very smart and intelligent man
He seemed to be contented with his life without having a single plan
He would even recite the Gettysburg Speech whenever he is drunk
Listening to him without having any idea only made our emotions sank
He seemed to have his own world in his own average head
As he checks upon me every night as he sleeps next to my bed
But they still both haunt my dreams whenever I'm asleep
They both entertain my imagination as I smile or I weep
Abraham or Rogelio never failed to converse when I'm alone
And Rogelio made me the man that I am today accomplishing his deed
While Abraham guides me with the knowledge and strength that I need
For even though our names could change but never our intentions to do good
And whatever harm we might inflict now hopefully could also be understood


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