I sleep and dream about the superficial
and personal, thus pleasing drivel
as you must know, one cannot pay attention
and be worried so unduly and with care
inside the soul where all the world is now in view
Its' an omnipotent that God should have appointed.

At present it's Zimbabwe, country of the blacks
where genocide has taken hold and stayed.
What else is new they say, it's just a habit
that keeps recurring and there is no need to worry.

I only dream about the one thing that keeps waking
and shaking me, when soggy with the sweats
of white knight nights recurs in colour, three dimensions,
when a Jack Russell sat beside his murdered master
so full of grief and mortal wounding to his heart.
How can we stand and look due East where things are quiet
and if you can, I know that dog will not,
when hostile bullets struck his master and he died
it killed his spirit and his heart and loyal soul.

Comments about Treasure

You do not sound credible. H
Go to Zimbabwe and find the true story yourself. Please do not lie to people. Sanctions are the major causes of poverty in that country. Let the west lift the sanctions and the country will reach somewhere greater
So you did get away? Pity.
there is no true account of what is happeing in zimbabwe. Surely suggesting that there is genocide in zimbabwe is a gross miscarriage of justice. Poems are meant to be flowery as well as factual

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