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At almost the speed of sound,
You raced to meet the one
Who would teach you what it is to be loved
Pausing momentarily to say “hello”
You raced and tumbled…
Climbing deftly up the shower curtain…
And into her heart.

Always the naughty one; the rogue
Leading her in a merry dance
Chewing your way through
Duvet and cage alike…
Life could not contain you.
Always the scamp; the scoundrel
Leaving your little footprints everywhere…
And all over her heart.

You were a whirlwind
A presence…
Refusing the rules…
Ignoring the cries
“Oh Zippy! ”
Knowing what was important
Showering her with fun
And laughter…
Impossible to the end.

You bounced your way
In and out of life
Never once stopping to ask “why not? ”
You lived it beautifully
Embracing the moment
Good to the core
Falling out of your hammock
And into her heart

Curled up forever
In the folds of her heart.


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