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Zombies Are Real

Halloween is back and so am I
So you better run or you're gonna die
Because I'm coming after you in your home
You're gonna be in pieces before I'm done
You're gonna cry you're gonna beg and plead
But I'm not gonna quit cause you gotta bleed
I'm gonna kill everyone in this town
Because the whole human race is going down
So you better not go say trick or treat
Because I'll be hunting on the streets
They're gonna find me with your heart in my hands
They're gonna hear your cry all through the land
They're gonna find me covered in your blood
Awake and be a soldier in my zombie flood
Halloween is here and I'm back again
to be reacquainted with all my dead friends
ripping their hearts right out of their chest
up all night because I need no rest
My zombie friends come up from the ground
to help bring the world down
We're gonna bring you to your knees
make you say please stop please
Now you know on Halloween night
All us dead come back to life
To eat your guts and swallow your blood
Say your prayers while you drown in the mud

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