(March 19,1955 / Fayette, Alabama)


What is a Zoof?
I have no idea.
But I know
It will make you speechless
When you really feel
You need to say 'something.'

I thought I saw one
In my very own house.
I was so disgusted
When I found out
I married it
Someone called it my spouse.

Zooof! Zooooof!
It didn't answer
When I spoke directly to it
It just kind of laughed
And repeated what I'd said
But I already knew it.

What is a Zoof?
I still have no idea.
But you sure feel like one
When being commanded.
No reasoning under the sun
And told 'Just do it! '

Sometimes they lie
Expecting you to believe it.
Then within your heart of hope
They come back empty
Like you never had received it.

Eyeball that Zoof
Look at it long and hard.
Keep yourself poise
And you'd better watch
And stay on guard.
Its a Zoof!

If you happen to read this
And find what a Zoof is.
Don't you say nothing to it
Just give yourself a grin.
Cause you may never actually see
A Zoof that close again.

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Cute, cute. Have I ever known one? O yes, read mine – Last Rung On Your Ladder – Adeline