Zz A Man Who Planned Saddam Hussein's Illegal Execution

Eric Levinson was appointed by George Bush to oversee plans for Saddam Hussein's illegal execution. He is now running for North Carolina's Supreme Court in a state which has not in years had executions.

Eric Levinson, appointed by the Bush administration to oversee judicial proceedings in Iraq, was one of the Americans illegally planning the execution of a foreign leader, Saddam Hussein, in an illegitimate war. Levinson has spent a great deal of money in ads. (Michael Scharf of Case Western Reserve was also part of the team which brought a new level of corruption to international law by arguing for execution.) The Nuremberg trials were also illegal executions. Over 3/4 of the world's countries have in practice or law repudiated judicial or governmental murder of prisoners. The US government gave Saddam Hussein mustard gas and untold billions in other weapons to fight Iran, before G H W Bush incited Hussein to action by slantdrilling from Kuwait into Iraq oil reserves. Later Bush told Hussein through April Glaspie of the State Dept. that the US would not intervene if Iraq wanted to regain the territory known as Kuwait, which had been carved out of Iraq's richest oil deposits at the end of the Ottoman Empire with an Anglo Iranian (now BP) oil engineer's drawings establishing the new boundaries.

North Carolina has not been an execution state in many years.

Of the 50 states in the US, only 9 are still committing prosecutorial, judicial and gubernatorial murder. All 9 have Republican governors. Only 1 Northern governor, John Kasich of Ohio, is killing prisoners.

There are 7 judicial races for the high courts in NC. Democrat candidates are Lucy Inman, Mark Davis, Sam Ervin, Cheri Beasley and Robin Hudson.

by Saiom Shriver

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