Zz Help The U.S. Join The Civilized World. Vote Out Serially Killing Judges, Governors

Please remove executing judges in the following states:


Ohio is one of of only 7 executing states out of 50.86% of US states are not committing judicial or gubernatorial murder. Of the 7 states,6 have REPUBLICAN governors. Only Missouri's Nixon is a Democrat. In Ohio please vote for Letson and O'Donnell for Ohio Supreme Court and Belfance for the Court of Appeals.

Please vote for John O'Donnell and Tom Letson. Remove executioners Sharon Kennedy and Judith French from the court.


Vote for Robin Hudson. Her opponent Eric Levinson was sent by Bush to arrange the illegal and immoral execution of Saddam Hussein who was hanged.


Vote out the chief executioner of the innocent, citizens with an inherent right to life and the mentally challenged in the US. Replace Texas Supreme Court chief 'justice' Nathan Hecht with Bill Moody. Since the 1980's Hecht's gavel has arranged more executions in Texas than in the rest of the country combined.


OHIO: Vote for Ed Fitzgerald and against executioner of 12 John Kasich.

ARIZONA: Executioner Jan Brewer is retiring. Vote For Duval.

FLORIDA: Vote against Rick Scott who has murdered 7 prisoners this year alone.

GEORGIA: Vote for Jason Carter, grandson of President Carter.

OKLAHOMA: Vote for Joe Dorman. Vote out executioner Mary Fallin.

TEXAS: Vote For Wendy Davis

http: //thedeathpenaltyblog.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/cartoon-11.jpg

The 7 executing states are Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas.

Most of these states have
governor elections this year. Most incumbent executing governors can be removed.
86% of our nation did not commit judicial murder.

http: //www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/execution-list-2014

Time for a nationwide moratorium on the death penalty

http: //www.huffingtonpost.com/brian-stull/its-time-for-a-nationwide_b_5618743.html

by Saiom Shriver

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