Zzz 6. First Anniversary

Poem By Mason Maestro

Since the day I asked you to marry me
Much time has passed since I was on my knee
You said ‘YES’ and nodded your head
We set the date and soon we were wed
We’re now tied together and now became one
We look to the future and it has officially begun

We bought our white Mazda and put on some miles
There seems to be no end to all of the smiles
Canuck English is growing and now something new
We started Good Times! Events Planning – yes it’s true!
My babes and I are bosses, we’re business tycoons
Even though we work with clowns and funny balloons

We still go to Starbucks – but sometimes Pacific Coffee
To interview new workers and discuss their hourly fee
Yea, there’re lots of losers but we’re sure of one thing
The law of attraction brings positive back like a spring
We don’t care anymore no matter how the dumb are dumber
We got travel plans for Xi’an and Qinghai for this summer!

Spades is still our only baby but now we been thinking
We should have our own, changing pooey diapers stinking
But for now it’s not time, coz there’s more to unravel
My girl dreams of Greece and Italy to travel
Yes I look forward to it all with my new wife
It will be one heck of a time for the rest of our life

My wife still loves me and still licks my ear
She whispers ‘boom-boom’ and ‘mape you’ to her dear
Yes life will be beautiful- no clouds but real clear
No jealousy, no cheating, no sadness nor fear
And holy cow, can it really be? It’s already been one year
It’s June 29th, our first anniversary is here

Happy Anniversary!

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