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Zzzz Beauty Standards

Don't read fashion magazines,
They'll make you feel ugly;
With polished faces staring back at you
Your face may suddenly start to seem like a cluttered view.

Don't flip through diet and exercise books
They'll make you feel fat and the fat symdrome blues;
With teh sight of JLO butts and 36-24-36 figures
Your regrets will grow and depression will be triggered.

Don't measure yourself by the worldly beauty standards
They'll make you feel like a good for nothing;
With stick-like bodies labelled as perfect
Your self-esteem will dip and you'll be left to fret.

Don't go on being obsessed with your exterior
Shun the layers and discover the interior;
Grow to accept yourself and work up your charm
Make your own beauty standards Girl, take the world by storm!

(Written on March 21,2006)
(Edited on 10 April,2006)

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preeti...great write...nice flow...solid close...10 for STANDARDS! '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''~F.J. R.~'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
well said...if the inside glows...the outside radiates too...love, nalini
Hi, Really liked the last stanza.Yes....lets take the world by storm! ! Another poem that is so inspiring is Maya Angelou's- Phenomenal Woman. Love