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Zzzzz....Divided, But United In Grief

The British sowed the seeds of anguish
‘Divide and Rule policy’ was on their list
They spread their fangs using our society’s cracks
Old, young and ladies,
None was spared in their attacks

The British rule over India
Came to an end
The efforts of Mahatma, Bhagat Singh
And many more
Bore the fruits of Freedom.

1947 is the year to remember, when
The demand for a Hindu & Muslim state was politically driven,
The partition left our forefathers grieve stricken.
Amidst the frenzy and the bloodshed
Both Hindus and Muslims were sent to deathbed.

The Hindus got India
And Muslims - Pakistan.
The Unity was raped
Via sentiments of differences.
Though divided by border,
They were united in grievances.

Then came Kashmir, God’s own Valley,
The hostility and terror, the figure is sorry.
Terrorists with misled notions
Attacked Hindus and Muslim alike
Causing hatred on the name of religion with every new strike.

Mohammed Khan and Ram Sharma, both died
For the bullet knew not their religion
This is the irony of the great divide.
The snakes will try to divide and rule
But the survivors should learn from their blues.

Gujarat saw the burning down of Sabarmathi Express
Engulfed in fire were the innocents,
This horrific violence had many witnesses.
Riots broke out and mobs were wild
The fire was just an accident, the Godhra report filed.

Was the train set on fire by a Muslim mob?
Or did the fire really started within the train?
Whatever the cause, this looks like another case
To trigger disputes on no concrete base.
And so the naïve Hindus and Muslims again fought.

They’ll divide you for their selfish reasons
They’ll snap your bonds with friends
Of other regions, castes and religions.
Even though the partition of 1947
And many more dividers were strewn,

In these divisions all sang the ‘mourning’ tune.
The people from diversities were united in grief,
Then why can’t we extend this unity
For mankind’s relief?
Can’t we, the God’s equal children
Live Beyond the barricades - as one?

If the flame of grief can unite
Then in the candle of
‘Unity in Diversity’ too
We can alight!

(10 July 2006)

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Well captured from the British Rule to the contemporary woes.Good metre...Enjoyed the read.
nice discription of the communal divide in India Preets babes, but the tragedy is even after getting Pakistan, they want more.