• Angel's Resurrection

    The devil sat upon my bed today,
    Speaking of greed and gifted ease,
    Offering me gold if I should go away,
    Frustrated as I prayed upon my knees.... more »

  • Barefoot In The Sand

    I pondered today on all of life’s costs,
    Of the demands that drive us insane,
    Then I thought of the friends I’ve lost,
    And how none of those demands remain.... more »

  • Dancing Transcendence

    Today I give up regret for revelry,
    And take up the mantle of Christ,
    Carrying his burden, and his knowing
    Witnessing miracles, and his destroying,... more »

  • Fearlessly You

    There is a trembling from inside,
    That takes you to a daily peace,
    Where your work becomes pride,
    And doubts of the world cease.... more »

  • Moonlight Surrender

    The distant stars dance promise in the night,
    Taunting me with visions of love’s madness,
    Your awaiting embrace grips me so tight,
    In the wrong of your oh so right badness.... more »

  • Really, Truly, You

    I don't know this gift of friendship,
    Or the deep magic in your eyes,
    But your voice echoes a kinship,
    Dancing across my infinite skies.... more »

  • Set Fire To Your Own Rainbow

    We are each given a choice,
    At the fiery dawn of every day,
    To sing with our heavenly voice,
    Or to languish in despair’s run away.... more »

  • The Taste Of Your Own Sunshine

    Love’s kiss will have come and gone,
    Stabbing you through with twisting fate,
    History shall at times do you wrong,
    Leaving your dream feast an empty plate.... more »

  • Whispering What Your Soul Screams

    Winter kisses every lifetime,
    With the patience of tomorrow,
    To sweeten the coming springtime,
    Daring you to rise above sorrow.... more »

  • Your Every Moment's Timeless

    Come dance with me in stillness,
    Spinning in infinite union and bliss,
    Share with me your daily endless,
    Your angel’s embrace and heavenly kiss.... more »