Poet of the River july 27 1994


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I've read the poems you have posted and have been awestruck to say; you should be in the Top 50 poets list.Fantastic writing.
A gifted young girl who can turn her emotional turmoil’s, into passionate verses that relay the confusion in a world of post adolescents yet simultaneously show signs of happiness and resiliency underneath the common burdens of existential angst prevalent for her age. In other words she has soul of a balanced writer, and if you want to understand a young women's mind look no further.
I can't make you grow, be old, feel the dark angels of desperation... I can only say to you what is in me from what you say to me... You are becoming larger than you know (I feel it in your verse) keep growing... it's not talking it's an answer to a dance that they keep jiving. love never ends...
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