• A Day Or Two

    I saw you today
    There was no way to avoid you
    I thought about calling in sick
    But I knew it would be too obvious... more »

  • A Distant Memory

    Uninspired to write
    My soul is empty
    Nothing but residue
    A love that will never be... more »

  • Animalistic

    A distance away
    A stalker awoke
    Prowled through the night
    Caught her scent... more »

  • Bittersweet

    Did you feel that?
    I felt it, too.
    Probably just a coincidence
    But I felt that thing anew.... more »

  • Bob

    I was gonna write you yesterday
    My open forum your denigration
    Decided to tuck instead
    Hideaway my soul bob's way.... more »

  • Bottomless Grave

    Your demons are so real
    They've taken your soul.
    An empty space
    A bottomless grave.... more »

  • Charades

    Sitting in this dimness
    I find myself thinking of you
    With nothing left to do but wonder
    I find myself wanting you... more »

  • Courage

    It happened so fast
    Some liquid courage
    Filled my insides... more »

  • Dancing 6

    A leaf
    No real direction
    Yet mesmerizing... more »

  • Denial

    Damn, here I go again
    Another restless night
    Trying to numb the pain
    Trying to erase your memory from my head... more »

  • Distortion

    The moment is over
    The desire subsided
    Strangers no longer
    Intimately connected... more »

  • Dream To Nightmare 1,2,3

    It was a dream come true
    Everything I longed to be
    Became a reality.... more »

  • Euphoria

    When I'm with you
    I forget the world
    I forget all my worries
    Adrift in the moment... more »

  • Exposure

    In 2009 I dated an addict
    Who cheated on me
    With a girl who'd sell herself
    For a single bar... more »

  • First Of Sorts

    The first of sorts its seems

    New in number, clean in life
    Young but first... more »

  • Glimmer

    Always murmured
    Wanted to be the object of your desire
    But always felt
    Like I was not the one to admire... more »

  • Hypocrite

    I don't even know where to start
    I have so much to say
    Probably because I've never hated you more
    Than I have as of late.... more »

  • I Am

    I gave my soul away tonight
    To see if I could feel
    Relive that magic
    When I felt you within... more »

  • Indeed

    The Wrong one makes you a monster.
    The Right one fights your demons with you.
    Wants to take them on for you
    Thinking back... more »

  • Instinct

    A distance away
    A stalker awoke
    Prowled through the night
    Caught her scent... more »

  • Larry

    Why can't we be friends?
    That's a dumb question.
    The answer is obvious
    Why even ask?... more »

  • Let Me

    Let me be the one…

    After your game
    When you're all sweaty and wet... more »

  • Maneater

    I said I wouldn't do it
    Wouldn't write about you
    A maneater I am not
    There's already been a few.... more »

  • Messenger

    You'll never know how much you mean to me
    It hurts to know you're not mine.
    It's even harder to sit and smile as you tell me
    Stories of your crazy rendezvous.... more »

  • Not Me

    You get one
    She gets one
    Every random guy gets one
    Third gets more... more »