I am not that kind of poet
who writes about the trees
the meadows or the sheep

I am that kind of poet
who knows people by heart
who knows life can teach you lessons
even though you're smart

Who knows about agony
and who knows about pain
who has lacked company
but never felt ashamed

There is only one thing
I could give to you
- a piece of my heart ache
that's all I can do


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Comments about Poetry Freak

Prabir Gayen 26 Jul 03:01
Very talented poet and great artist...God bless//
Filippo Stella 24 Aug 2013 12:15
She is great. And with the last poems, her greatness is even more concentrated. I like people who does not need a lot of words, to say something special.
Savita Tyagi 14 Aug 2013 07:37
Enjoyed some of your small poems very much.