• ? ? Why Do People Act Like That? ?

    Why do people act so rude?
    Is it about some unspoken rule?
    By ranting and raising the roof.
    When you mess up by a total goof.... more »

  • A Letter To My Music

    I miss the pleasure you gave me
    I miss the goose bumps
    I miss how intoxicating you can be
    I miss how my heart jumps... more »

  • A Prayer For America

    I said prayer for you today
    I hope you didn't mind... more »

  • A Second Chance

    Your love for me has spared me
    You gave me a second chance

    My love for you was always strong... more »

  • A Storm Is Brewing

    A storm is brewing
    I can feel it in the air
    A storm is brewing
    And it’s filled with despair... more »

  • Accidentally On Purpose

    How we met was accidentaly
    How we fell in love was on purpose

    How I lived before we met... more »

  • Another Chance?

    I've been drowning in my tears
    Have I shattered all our years?
    I never thought we'd be this way
    We live apart but in what way?... more »

  • Another Year

    Today is my day for a brand new year
    A look ahead to my new frontier
    Everything appears to be uncertain
    Like last year when I was hurt'in... more »

  • Anticipation

    Looking out the window
    Looking for your car
    Wondering if that's you
    Looking from afar... more »

  • Awakening Feelings

    When I'm troubled, down and weak
    Your loving touch is what I seek
    You're always there to touch my cheek
    Even when your world was bleek... more »

  • Better Off

    I’ve been doing some thinking
    About this new life path I’ll be taking
    It’ll be really scary not to have you by my side
    When I’ve counted on you for so many things... more »

  • Blackness

    Scared I am of the blackness
    Scared I am of the unknown
    What is in store for me
    And what is wrong with me... more »

  • Busy

    Busy me, Busy you
    Always something to do... more »

  • Can'T Be Without

    You depend on another
    To make you feel better
    If there is dissension
    There is apprehension... more »

  • Chirp, Chirp, Chirp! !

    Chirp, chirp, chirp
    I can hear the birds sing
    Chirp, chirp, chirp
    Oh the joy that sound brings... more »

  • Christmas Warmth

    Christmas is the time of year
    When you want your loved ones near
    A warmth fills your heart
    And your eyes fill with tears... more »

  • Closure

    I needed to know if you were ok
    I needed to know if you dismayed

    I was not looking to get back together... more »

  • Confronted To Speak

    I'm an actor in a play, pretending to be strong
    But worry's to say the words that are wrong
    When confronted to speak and have to deal
    To not have the answers, is such an ordeal... more »

  • Despair

    It can set one into
    A downward spiral
    Sometimes so deep
    Your life is in perils... more »

  • Dreams

    It sure is funny how the mind wanders
    One minute you're asleep
    The next, you're mind flounders... more »

  • Endless Valentine

    My love for you is endless
    I say this with all my heart
    Please be my valentine
    For we will never part... more »

  • Family Tree

    We give and protect life
    We shelter with no care

    We can be sturdy and strong... more »

  • Feelings At A Loss

    To the earth, death is life's tool
    But not to a mother, sister or nephew

    You think you're strong... more »

  • Forever In My Heart

    You have never left my heart
    Even though we were apart
    We never missed a beat
    When online did we meet... more »

  • Forgotten Mom

    All I talked about was you
    The months before you were home
    Not a call or a text, but on facebook
    I find out your home like everyone else... more »