• A Broken Dream

    At the corner of these hollow ideas
    where you once sung
    now lays a cemetery
    filled with decayed melodies... more »

  • I Am An African

    I am an African
    I was born in Africa
    Suckled mother Africa breast
    I am beauty Africa... more »

  • Music

    In the deepest chamber of my heart

    You make love to my soul... more »

  • My Death

    Is this an end to my story?
    Did my heart complete writing my book?
    Will my eyes search more eternal days?
    Am I prepared to fly home and... more »

  • My Heart In The World

    My heart cries
    for change in the world

    My heart bleeds... more »

  • The Seed Of Love

    You took my heart by the charm
    We flew to distant desert
    To sow the seed of love
    My roots broaden deep into ignorance... more »

  • What Must I Say?

    If I see her in hate
    Tearing endlessly with mislaid love

    Tell me... more »

  • Who Are We?

    Are we gods and ancestors?
    Are we giants and heroes
    With heart made of stone
    Oh life, tell us... more »