• A Bad Case Of Fleas

    A balmy scented evening
    A martini in my hand
    Enjoying the peace and quiet
    When Count Basie struck up the band.... more »

  • A Brew Of Colour

Such images dance in splurging hues

    On sheets of silken white delight

    A million souls in pastel shades

    A million souls in blackest night
... more »

  • A February Day In Saissac

    February Day In Saissac

    You don't see the dense mist coming down.
    It creeps like a spy on cushioned feet.... more »

  • A Gentle Calm


    A gentle calm this early morn
    Born on the wind from the south... more »

  • A Night At Frankie's

    It began with the keys
    Slow and haunting
    Like a breeze humming through willow
    Building like seeds sprouting,... more »

  • Accepting


    The white swan came for you
    Carried you high above the world... more »

  • Ah! You Thought Me That Sort Too

    Ah! You thought me that sort too,
    To cry, "How could you forget me? "
    To wail and sob like a mad woman
    Then throw myself under your Harley-D... more »

  • And I Was A Child...


    The sun arrived this morning
    Streaming through trees in bud... more »

  • Another Point Of View

    A rat in a sewer explains the world

    The world is long
    And narrow... more »

  • Anticipated Pleasure


    Red boots skipping beneath a blue coat,
    Happiness in the soles.... more »

  • As One Door Closes

    As one door, not quite closed yet
    Another's door key is turning.
    Her hours of winter are on the wane,
    Her soul, for peace, is yearning.... more »

  • As The Flame...

    As the flames in flamenco dance
    Show off their vibrant hues
    Of tangerine and cinnabar
    I notice, not a note of various blues... more »

  • Back In Time

    I go back to the dutch house
    With the bottle green walls
    Where depression hung like stalactites
    Relieved once a year on Christmas day.... more »

  • Buried Memories

    He's standing at the window; bird watching.
    His shoulders drooping, his back bent;
    The dark hair now grey and thinning,
    His youthful energy spent.... more »

  • By The Stream Of Durfort

    By The Stream of Durfort.

    Just where the blue Amaryllis hides,
    Crannied between that rocky pile;... more »

  • Cloaked Memories And Dreaming

    Cloaked Memories and Dreaming.

    The verdure is rich - full green of summer
    Awash with clustered berries of the ash.... more »

  • Cold And Hungry

    Take your heat then. Sink and set.
    Let babes wail through the night.
    Bring on the darkness cold and wet
    And let their swelling bellies fight... more »

  • Dawn On Aviemore

    My dreams have flown, good night sweet dreams, sleep well.
    Whilst o'er the glen the burn gurgles low
    And softly peeps the dawn light o'er the fell,
    As heaven's veil of red begins to glow.... more »

  • Duke Of Normandy

    The hearth so grey, scant words spoken
    Shelled out towns with hollow eyes
    Shadows stalk, hearts near broken
    Whilst heads hang low and heaven cries... more »

  • Friendship's Rose

    Canst thou not see this rose with love doth blush?
    With ne'er a hint of tawny coloured hues
    Her Michelangelo with swirling flush
    Of love's deepest amaranth did suffuse.... more »

  • Harry's Shoes


I never should have stolen Harry's shoes

    I wish now I'd thought to choose

    To get my own instead

... more »

  • He Talked Of...

    He talked of...
    He talked of fog and turbines
    Pounding through high seas.
    Her metal, dipped below the spuming fret... more »

  • High On An Eagle's Wing.

    Eyes of the curious wanderers
    Two Molotov cocktails of passion
    A basket of want and desire
    And the freedom to love without ration... more »

  • How The Merry…..

    How the merry blackbird sings
    On blossomed branch with folded wings
    His yellow beak turned to the sky
    Winks at the cloud passing by... more »

  • I Till The Furrows

    I till the furrows of the page
    By hand; the thought machine
    On overdrive, so till I must,
    If I'm to sleep serene.... more »