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My Heart's Seasons

You have seasoned my heart with summer spice
Brought on the air from paradise
Clothed me in fall's sacred shades
To wrap around like scented glades... more »

The Funeral

He showed me to a room
With dimmed lights and
Soft, soulful music.
It was appropriate.... more »

Buried Memories

He's standing at the window; bird watching.
His shoulders drooping, his back bent;
The dark hair now grey and thinning,
His youthful energy spent.... more »

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Comments about poppy miller

Moira Cameron 02 Apr 2016 11:35
What a happy discovery, finding Poppy's poems! I will be back to read more!
Terry Dawson 17 Jan 2016 12:55
Whether it be Stormy oceans whipped to foams Or creaking words from ancient tomes You'll find they are contained within This srreaming poets flowing poems! Here is a poet I love to read and who deserves to he read!