My poetry is often influenced by my work as a Clinical Social Worker and my experience living with bipolar disorder. As a result, my writing often reflects the struggle involved in what I refer to as 'internal warfare' as experienced by me or as interpreted by me through observation of my clients in therapy. My poetry is also often spiritual as my faith is central in my life and work.


positive polarity Poems

No One

Her friend was No One
For many years
And No One listened
To all her fears... more »

Sienna Circles

She stares at her reflection in a mirror,
fighting to assimilate the person she sees,
with the person she feels.
A stranger with grey hair and lines... more »

Internal Warfare

We are the weak
So easy to say
Unless you have lived
In our heads for a day... more »

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claire 19 Nov 2019 12:29
I'm trying to find a positive and negative poem about crickets