Prabhata Kumar Sahoo Quotes

Do not beg to thy for something which you do not deserve or else this break your eternal peace.
Sorrow magnifies beauty of the God Beauty is magnified if wife is sad.
Good to tounge may bad to heart and bad to tounge may good to heart.
Man throws ice-cream stick immediately after taking cream which was felt most essential just before.
Fragrance of a fresh bank note delivered by ATM is better than any fruits, flowers or spices.
Monetary world.
All dogs are not dog like all men are not human.
Noble animals
Your palm may do marvelous but cannot fill your belly like your mother.
Mother's care
Guests are treated as God in India But God is not a guest.
God is there inside a dog and vice versa.
Soul n supersoul
Bygone happy moments yield sorrowful days but sorrows of bygone days produce pleasant moments afterwards.
Happiness and sorrows.