Prabir Gayen 25-06-76

Name- Prabir Kumar Gayen.
Poet-Modern poet.
Wife- Meethi Gayen.
Parents- Bimal Gayen. Mina Gayen.


Born in a village of West Bengal, India.

PO- Fatepur,
Dist-south 24 parganas.
Near city-kolkata.
Schooling- Fatepur Sreenath institution.

College-fakirchand college, Diamond Harbour.

studied- English literature from the University of calcutta.


Sister- Pampa Mondal. Sukla Harder.

Brothers- Avik Mondal. Subir Gayen.

Parents in law-Amal kumar Mandal and Sandhya Mondal.

Friends- Rajesh Halder. Alokesh Mandal. Bikash Mondal. Santanu Mondal. Kalyan Natua. Chandan Sikder. prasanta Mondal.samir Kumar.

Student and support -Srijita Mondal.Soumalya Mondal.Debdatta Mondal.

Master(Spiritual Teacher) _ H H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.


- Preface -

All these poems are written as an exertion to feel the vastness of life with all its myriad forms and colours.They are simply to feel wonderment.
The emotions that are expressed through different moods and manners are simply to make me feel the inner emptiness. Poetry as I feel is the expression of certain feelings that become clouds in the sky of consciousness.
Once expressed through words and through heartfelt pain and pleasure a sense of relief dawns in the inner realm of being and I feel that space of wordless emptiness is the root to peace and harmony, the space of soundless beauty. in a broad sense poetry brings liberation
and I call it poetic liberation or poetic approach to truth that shreds all inessential thoughts and emotions to attain pure emptiness.My Stella and other poems are an eager endeavour, on the part of me, to come to feel that which can not be felt or can not be experienced.The powerful feelings that I underwent through my heart looking at the apparent futility of life and deep ignorance about the pristine part of death became poetry and I within and without became its lone witness.
My poetry is my inner wisdom and outer ignorance combined.with poetry I am nothing and without poetry I am nothing too. My poetry is the expression of my absolute nothingness.


Quotes (3)

Life is an unseen misery, The point without point, To have it the door is lost.
Song is untouched part's unsolved music, Only muse can feel it, and unquavering pain can bring it forth onto surface.
Life is a but unable to cut....

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Congratulations dear Poet your ranking today is #463 on top 500 poets My sincerest felicitations. God's great Blessings for you and your beloved family.............sent with care, Sylvia FC
#432 on Top 500 poets your ranking. A very dear Poet to me with a frank heart and beautiful gorgeous poems. Thank you for letting me know that my Rank is today (Thursday 11 June 2020) #403 on Top 500 poets ranked #403 on Top 500 poets of the world as per the World Poetry Database information rank on date 11 June 2020, Thursday. I DO hope for longer days. For YOU too.........................Best wishes from The Netherlands, Sylvia FC