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'If you hear no evil, see no evil, and think no evil, then chances are you'll never write a best-selling novel! '
Though humourous, unfortunately there's too much truth in that. Probably why I stick to writing poetry. My aim is not become rich, just to pass along goodness and encouragement to make the world a brighter, more unified place!
In order to create beauty, Often you first have to make a mess!
Thinking of my artist friends in their studio space. But also, of poets surrounded by rough drafts, crumpled paper, and fragments of uncompleted poems. And let's not forget bakers!
The best way to predict your future, is to CREATE it, yourself.
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when you think of a poem coming to life you think of her and the talent of taking you on that path to worlds unknown and feelings that are known by all people. she is like the wind pushing at your back making you move forward to unchartered islands and nectars never tasted before.
Practicing Poetess 's poems are like her pen name.Imaginative! If she used a pen to write her poems, there wouldn't be any ink but honey!
A poetess, who writes every poetry with passion. Her poems are pearls in necklace. I wish to read many more poems. God Bless her.
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