• A Natural Birthday Party

    Softly burning sodium Lights,
    ornately planted on muddy Streets
    appeared like Candles on a Cake
    and I wondered if... more »

  • Alchemy

    Dried red chilli,
    in the mouth;
    Angelic fire,
    on the tongue;... more »

  • An Obsecration

    The pious, I obsecrate
    To perceive and apprehend
    With an unprejudiced mind
    Every Other's Scripture.... more »

  • Antipodes Of A Floating Feather

    Like an infant gently handed
    from one maiden to another,
    slow and soft it descends,
    soothing every eye that sees.... more »

  • Boomerang Of Actions

    Believe in science,
    you are caught in DNA.

    Believe in its rival,... more »

  • Cations

    On a small stage
    the scientist
    pats the atom
    and confers... more »

  • Caves


    Inside their mouth many sages have sat,
    And in the deep darkness, spent years;... more »

  • Closet Of Faces

    In the closet there hangs Faces of mine.
    Lined up Prisoners, sentenced for lifetime.
    I walk around warming neurons to identify.
    Where these faces lay in the axis of time.... more »

  • Code Of Silence

    At the crossroads of hate and fear,
    I met those whom no man held dear;
    A Donkey, a Hippo, a Canetoad, a Viper,
    All spoke a code, so hard to decipher.... more »

  • Cognition In A College Mess

    Money is a strange glass that defines
    every man’s vision is what went in

    munching drumsticks with friends, at my... more »

  • Collages

    When my third grade teacher
    taught me how to make collages
    by cutting figures from magazines
    and pasting them on chart papers,... more »

  • Common Photographer

    The common volunteer among us
    Who helms the digital eye
    To capture the celebration
    To mummify for our tomorrow.... more »

  • Communicative Clouds

    Having adorned them with words before
    I flung my pen to the sorority of clouds
    and stood beneath for a repay in verse.... more »

  • Daily Death

    Bedspread like black waves,
    awaits the kill tonight;

    Pillows like puce slabs,... more »

  • Different Girl

    Tired of the mundane girls I see
    Wanted someone of a different degree;
    Atleast three horns she should have
    With nose and tongue split in halve... more »

  • Doomed Lovers

    Long-sighted Sun, since macrocosm's first dawn,
    stands still yet searches, with deep, powerful eyes,
    in every galaxy of far, with inextinguishable hope.... more »

  • Earthly Woman

    Like the Earth which covers its
    deep burning core of fire
    with the beauty of greens and blues
    for its inhabitants to relish;... more »

  • Ebony Romance

    I unbuckle her jaded black Jacket.
    And lift from drapes of crimson Velvet.
    With Eyes of a watchful Guard on duty,
    I ogle at this naked man-made beauty.... more »

  • Epitaph

    ... more »

  • Eternal Friend

    I always know the sun still smiles;
    Though earth has turn'd her face away,
    And sky has freed her darkest tress.... more »

  • For A Good Friend

    To travel with a friend is to travel on a cruise ship,
    For there will be laughter, music, dance and wine;
    Yet you still secretly check for life jackets and rafts,
    And only sleep safe when your swimming is fine.... more »

  • Full Stop

    Looking at you, I remember the first time we met:
    sometime in my first grade, when the page-thirsty
    line was running wild with its black army, trying to
    capture every length and breadth of the white land... more »

  • Game With Stars

    He lay on a dark, deserted isle,
    With eyes fixed at stars above;
    Face lighted with a smile so big
    No vigilant God, would allow.... more »

  • God

    God is
    just an answer
    for every question
    That doesn't have an answer.... more »

  • Good Defeats Evil?

    Good will defeat Evil.
    Every religion says.
    In stories and myths,
    Something unseen nowadays.... more »