• If It Wasn'T For You

    If it weren't for all those experiences,
    There wouldn't have been any chances
    Of me getting stronger
    Of me trying harder... more »

  • My Return

    They've lost hopes of my return,
    Never mind, I'l make them relearn.
    I've almost lost in this war
    Never thought this would be something I'd write for... more »

  • My Way

    I believe in wonders; in dreams and impossibilities
    I believe in moving beyond sensibilities
    For it is not fate that decides my being
    It comes from within; this faithful feeling.... more »

  • The Final Call

    If all this was illusion
    If all this was confusion
    If I had been the one ruling the day
    This infinity could end... more »

  • Tired Of Believing In You

    I am tired of this failure
    This situation wouldn’t have been uglier
    If only you had paid attention to my grief
    If only you had asked me what I need... more »

  • You'D Come Back One Day

    Maybe those fairy tales do not exist
    But then why does this hope in my mind persist
    That you'd come back one day
    And realize your destiny... more »