• Dwindled Dawn

    Ink of fog that i wear on misty morning
    The prism of infinite spectrum that divide my sadness... more »

  • Rise

    The history you wrote with your sour and tales of lies
    You may pace me in the sheer mud
    But I 'll Rise........ more »

  • Shadow

    All around the hurdle
    All around the terrace
    Every puff i took,
    Act as a scent of death.... more »

  • Sometimes

    Sometimes our karma acts like an volunteer harlot
    Sometimes enough is just almost enough... more »

  • Stay Away From The Poisoned Apple.

    Lights of absence wants to take part of your memory
    Pendulous memories shined like a solitaire in the celestial sphere
    A slave to tootsies, haiku wits get together
    By not seeing the patch of velvet... more »

  • The Silent Warrior

    The clutch of thoughts couldn't bind her,
    Her radiant eyes, grave face and hands was on her sword-hilt
    Drifted her head high... more »