• Another Christ

    Rape, violence, fundamentalism
    Like misguided prism
    On every step man's search
    A way to escape but none satisfied... more »

  • Attack On Indian Parliament

    An attack on Indian parliament
    By terrorists, identified yet unidentified
    Twisting people, democrats and the country
    A many sacrificed their lives... more »

  • Blinds

    The wheels rotating on roads
    Had an accident
    But carelessly
    They were running... more »

  • Can You

    Can you arrest yourself?
    Under the charge of your murder
    Ya! There is a shadow in the mirror
    Can You recognize yourself?... more »

  • Christ

    O! Christ, Christ
    I can't reach to your height
    O! dear messenger
    You taught us to love... more »

  • Death Winner

    Away from all the fears of death
    An example of friendship and faith
    Smile curtains his worries and bothers
    He smashed himself just for others... more »

  • Deforestation

    How can I become a Buddha?
    How can I became a Mahaveer?
    They all got enlightenment
    Under the shelter of a tree... more »

  • Five Liner 1

    For life even bird also cry
    For self satisfaction
    Only man can destroy
    Death cannot be a terror in eye... more »

  • Five Liner 2

    Bangles in woman's hand
    Just to be worn
    Though attraction in her beauty
    There is an unseen horn... more »

  • Five Liner 3

    May channel Zee or Star
    All are ready for war
    Maximising their charge
    Only money being their aim... more »

  • Five Liner 4

    In ancient times told
    Kaurava was the first
    An example of clone
    History repeats itself... more »

  • Five Liner 5

    No one knows
    What's therein tomorrow
    A person spoke
    Don't worry like today... more »

  • Gandhiji 1

    As your followers, O! Gandhiji
    We remember you yearly, twice
    Once on your birth anniversary
    And the second on your death anniversary... more »

  • Gandhiji 2

    Nature wept whole night but nobody knows
    As a proof I find drops on petals of rose.
    The crowd has no time to listen to your 
    heartbeats... more »

  • Gazal 12

    Ya! End has more importance than start
    You must know the living art

    They will never give a chance to settle... more »

  • Gazal 4

    Body wants to see the soul
    Soul says, ' see, you have the world whole '
    Magnetic waves are flowing continuously from north end to south end pole
    Everyone wants to win in final... more »

  • Gazhal 1

    Although peace of mind we need
    We have reward for what we feed

    Faith and love all world deserve... more »

  • Gazhal 10

    In love we are innocent
    And it's a matter of stunt

    May we have not thought about... more »

  • Gazhal 11

    We are in search of proper solution
    By our own mistakes, we are victims of pollution
    While world feels a crowd everywhere
    We are explored by our own population... more »

  • Gazhal 13

    Pain is gain, may Rome may Spain
    Though all are separate, we behave like a chain

    We pull our thoughts, we pull all dreams... more »

  • Gazhal 14

    Pain of rain, again and again
    A drought in gift, always to gain

    Trees destroyed, difficult to avoid... more »

  • Gazhal 15

    By our negligence, rose in blood
    A mistake brought, in death like flood

    Though we know, death will grab us... more »

  • Gazhal 16

    I carry blame of everyone
    Like dreams my pain also shuns

    Love has just four words... more »

  • Gazhal 17

    I flow in air with my feel
    No one knows what's my deal

    Everyone wants to know my past... more »

  • Gazhal 18

    A life I wrote in the name of love
    A pain I got in the name of love

    Though relations I have in world... more »