• I Can’t Forget It

    I can’t forget it
    The day changes everything’s
    My idealism. wishes, happiness
    When the news comes from my younger brother... more »

  • I Love You

    this afternoon
    really I'm boring
    my own quiet
    no derisive your laughters... more »

  • I Miss You

    miss miss you
    miss you miss the silence
    on your face is oval
    your eye on the ball that lit up... more »

  • I Refuse

    This morning
    I refuse my date with my neighbor
    Going to the south ocean beach
    Where the people search of old identity... more »

  • Ilusion

    under mango tree
    every evening
    a spell of
    in front of my house... more »

  • Imagination

    The little black bat
    Flew in the night
    Break through our the wall
    Moving out the wall... more »

  • Immortalize Lameness

    mother gang at elbow worker of vegetable salesgirl
    at the same time fiddle faddle
    how its stomach is price in this time
    and how the husband do not visit to add the... more »

  • In Every Breath Of My Life

    when door closed
    I cannot open it
    when thou no feeling
    you isolate xself... more »

  • In Eyelid Death

    Mist hovering kite
    At the foot of the mountain
    Lightweight white cotton like
    Morning breeze... more »

  • In Front Of Me

    In front of me
    In her wide, terrace home
    She sat on the old rattan chair
    Her body was thin... more »

  • In The Dark Train

    in the dark train
    when its lamp extinguish
    I sit alone
    when a have jacket... more »

  • In The Walls Of My Heart

    I press phone keypad
    Once more
    each sitting alone
    at bus... more »

  • It Was Raining Every Night

    Spatter scraping oblique lines
    in the dark of night thick curtains
    The lines are sharper
    Chills dipped to earth... more »

  • Jacko

    Your life ends
    in neverland
    music, life, and colors
    life you srink... more »

  • Kartini

    Kartini Mesh by hand own
    Cowl make dear mother
    In silent solid angle
    In its liver angle; corner vacuous... more »

  • Ketapang Leafs

    Ketapang leafs
    dropp float in the air
    Brought by West Winds
    To pounce on the dying fish... more »

  • Lampor

    I often walk from market to my home
    through chinese shop matters which sold; gold... more »

  • Land Of Dispute

    Throughout the years, this fertile ground of all time
    produce an abundant rice harvest
    but when Cane and Nila had to be planted
    with the laws and promises... more »

  • Life Is Still A Mystery

    Grow old, diseased and eventually die
    is there a secret life behind
    when a thousand years ago
    Buddha, trying to uncover the veil... more »

  • Life Uselessness

    new space still be disorderly
    window curtain which poke
    like army flag which fail the war
    chair which its spume have destroyed... more »

  • Like A Smoke Bomb

    all changed
    me and you
    ye, ye
    after 30 years... more »

  • Lizard Fall

    lizard fall
    above my head
    when we
    sit both... more »

  • Lokngha

    What properly I bridle about Lokngha
    its coastal Lokngha sand to turn white
    With the coiled waves
    Breaking coastal lip... more »

  • Love In A Bent Road

    love in bent of road
    dark in leafy of leaves
    generating impression cusorily
    and is quickly forgotten... more »

  • Mad Mariner

    Mad Mariner rose in the city bus
    That slowly on the road
    In the crowded of city street
    Heated the sleepy passengers... more »