• Mahameru

    meandering mountain road to the top
    cloud top mega march
    white mist drifted down
    waist wrap Mahameru... more »

  • Meaning

    tire of to await... more »

  • Member Of The Guesthouse

    member of the guesthouse come from
    the same senior highschool who
    enter the different department and different university
    they understood eachother... more »

  • My Backyard House

    Backyard shacks is
    Surface water Ciliwung river
    running separate
    amidst the splendor of the buildings... more »

  • My Children

    my children
    always make a move
    following to feel
    in the middle of its friends... more »

  • My Daughter

    my daughter
    bowing drawn
    empty view
    far forwards... more »

  • My Grandfather

    The grandfather liked to watch the broadcast football
    In the TV channel every night
    In the morning he still sleep
    When I departed for work... more »

  • My Grandma Song

    When the night came,
    My grandma pray to the God,
    Sing a song with pray... more »

  • My Grandpa Orange Garden

    From my grandpa Orange Garden
    You can saw green orange leaf
    all over the place
    it fruits had started ripening... more »

  • My Life

    in my room; chamber nowadays nothing; there is no decoration disturb
    also voices
    and any movement
    outside there... more »

  • My Mother Never Know

    my mother never know
    after my father past away
    I walk to campus through Malioboro without shoes
    (only with sandals) to Campus... more »

  • My Past, Present And Future

    past, present and future
    feelings churning
    until the bottom of my heart
    tore the walls of reason... more »

  • My Shadow

    Many times I said I was selfish
    Selfish, but you still follow me
    Like, do not like. Wherever I go
    For that, I was annoyed... more »

  • New Aceh Sunlight

    Aceh sun
    sunshine burn my husk
    is brittle
    from open plane door... more »

  • Nostalgic

    I stand on the railway balustrades
    To my hometown
    I saw the railwaytrack move quickly
    farther and farther from me... more »

  • November Rains

    The water point of November rains
    This morning
    Cultivated my beautiful memory
    That for a long time has been stockpiled in the sin waste... more »

  • Ocean Wave

    ocean wave
    no desisting hit the reef
    coastal of south
    when queen go out to sea the south... more »

  • Of Course

    of course, of course I will come
    to your house, like the old days
    good morning, afternoon or evening
    until you yourself are no stranger... more »

  • Old People

    under mango tree
    old people
    sit prolonging
    at the same time... more »

  • Old Story From Bandung

    Tracing free road; street
    to Bandung
    this is Old story... more »

  • One Four Three

    the bank so crowded.
    Usually I am lazy,
    queued in crowded.
    took my pension.... more »

  • Our Democracy

    that old boy go out to gallery
    what is a lot of flower crop
    last sit and look into far to future
    what shadow in his eye... more »

  • Port Of Tuban

    At the mouth of the river overlooking the Java Sea
    You tie up your boat
    Near the gate
    You jump to the horse without a saddle... more »

  • Pray Only

    I minup coffee,
    coconut rice breakfast,
    continued smoke one stick.
    She was sick.... more »

  • Reformation

    What the meaning of reformation
    I mean
    to reform
    my poem,... more »