• Regret

    Regret comes after
    When I sat
    On Bamboo Chair
    Under Mango Tree... more »

  • Ring Road

    Ring road, ring of our life
    Where we life together
    In the Circle out of old city
    In the Circle out of old life... more »

  • Ruwatan Of My Mother

    My grandma had planned ‘ruwatan’ a long time ago
    In front of her house
    They build a stage for playing a pupit shadow play
    From day to night... more »

  • 'Sate'

    'Sate, sate..... te te'
    Sound builders satay at night
    echoed through the halls of the capital
    go on and on so every night... more »

  • Ship

    reach what island
    how pappa contact
    we have been long enough [do] not meet
    possible two months... more »

  • Signs Of Age

    Fireworks in the sky blue flowers
    splitting evening
    signs spread joy
    worldwide... more »

  • Signs Of The Times

    when I was a child
    even teenagers
    every afternoon from the plot boundary fields
    watched lava slowly melt... more »

  • Sleepy

    I'm sleepy
    really can not stand
    when was coffee
    week full-time work... more »

  • Sorrow

    life is a mystery
    existing in the recesses of the heart
    can not be revealed... more »

  • Stadium Four

    climb the floor four
    four one who I have to meet
    their face is sweet
    say friendly he said... more »

  • Storm

    storm yesterday afternoon
    knock down pine trees
    damaging flowers
    telephone poles... more »

  • Sure

    sure not sure
    Do you yourself believe
    absolutely convinced
    all on me... more »

  • Taking Off Hand

    last night I was a dream
    thedream of about wife
    ah, non
    about girlfriend... more »

  • Teen Dreams

    when adolescence
    my dream never change
    but in everyday life
    dreams... more »

  • Tempestuous Rain

    The water rain come
    Increasingly hard
    Was accompanied the wind bent... more »

  • The Black Rose Flowers

    In front of my house I have a little land
    Not a wide land, just half meter and six meter widest
    I had build it for put or take the flower pot
    There is three flower pots... more »

  • The Broken Sky

    In telephone
    my daughter told
    earlier rain with the storm
    along with crystal ice... more »

  • The Crayz Age

    Two music street man to enter into the crowded passenger bus
    They crowled among the passenger who stand closely
    who were wearing “lurik” clothes and hold his flute
    Not play his flute but he held up o’s hand... more »

  • The Evening

    I sat in the bus
    On going home
    I wish arrived at home soon
    I have tired been doing for nothingness... more »

  • The Fish And Our Destiny

    To day I can't start enjoy
    Doing anything
    Knitting our destiny... more »

  • The Fish Hook

    My father
    holding fish-hook
    hooking bait
    throwing of it to sea... more »

  • The Fish Pound And Violin

    My grandpa stay in the house
    Near the river
    Where its water flow end in the South Ocean... more »

  • The Fog

    overnight rain continues
    the heart is still beating... more »

  • The Heaven Door

    silent public road
    shimmer of public road lamp
    as flower in garden
    flower in my love garden... more »

  • The Java Of The Beauty And The Beasts

    In Java land
    The Beauty and The Beast depicted
    With the beautiful face and gentle
    Slim body on the right... more »