• A Bodyguard

    The market of life enveloped by silence
    A lone bodyguard is awake

    If a tiny fire erupts in the Khandava Bana... more »

  • A Couple Of Teardrops

    Suddenly a tune of a song
    Wafts through my heart
    It kept amidst darkness
    A couple of teardrops... more »

  • A Cry

    A cry emerges from ashes -

    After travails
    life begins.... more »

  • A Fistful Of Mustard

    Mustard is blooming everywhere
    The heart is not filled up
    By the yellow... more »

  • A Flock Of Chirping Birds

    In my sight
    In my voice
    The voice of chirping birds
    Carrying the message of dawn... more »

  • A Herd Of Elephants

    I am running along a precipice
    Pursued by a herd of elephants
    The protective time-gap remains intact
    Even after repeated stumbling falls... more »

  • A Pledge

    It was an abyss of loneliness,
    I reverently drew a figure
    on my silhouette.... more »

  • A Song Beyond Death

    A genius elder sister
    Transliterated out
    ‘The River of Madness'
    The drama of Tafiq-Al-Hakim... more »

  • After The Silence

    With the chrysalis of life
    when lovers wait
    for their winged world
    happiness does not seem to be a will-o'-the-wisp.... more »

  • Anthony

    In the abode of cloud
    Received news of your demise
    Classmate Jayanta Anthony... more »

  • Ants

    Years ago I'd began to watch the trains of ants
    I was stirred by their confluence
    And scenes of picking of victuals.... more »

  • As The Woods

    As the woods
    Man shall one day implant man.
    Perhaps the blazes of the age
    Would only cease to press ahead... more »

  • Ballad Of Spring

    Why need the splendid orchids thrive on others?
    Why can't the euphonic cuckoos set up nests on their own?

    Don't bring up these issues... more »

  • Be A Beau

    Be immortal
    At the junction of adolescence
    At the age of blunders... more »

  • Bells Of Fortune

    Have you at home
    The bells of fortune
    Ringing pendulously in the air... more »

  • Between The Sleeping And The Laughing Buddha

    Have you engraved any epitaph
    on the Buddha
    shattered by the Talibans... more »

  • Billowing Sky

    The night doesn't have a
    Tranquil past
    The night is always undulating... more »

  • Blue Abode

    Why have you ensnared the sky in a frame
    Don't you know that
    The sky has
    No beginning... more »

  • Bluish Ablution

    I write poems on you
    On the river
    Full of grains of sunshine
    In the scintillating waves... more »

  • Butterfly-Kite

    Great hearts become hiku,
    soaring high.

    The ethereal muse,... more »

  • Cemetery Of Dead Crops

    A flock of birds
    Scan the earth from the sky
    Searching for ailing dead victuals.... more »

  • Cloud

    When the clouds descend
    To the foothills
    The heart oozes and flows
    Onto an endless canvas... more »

  • Clouds

    (On a painting by Pranab Barua)

    With the descent of clouds upon the foothills
    The heart trickles... more »

  • Collage

    The indifferent boar
    Scours for food
    In the heap of hair strands
    Thrown out from the salon... more »

  • Come Have A Cup Of Tea

    You have come
    Please have a cup of tea
    You are shivering so much
    Perhaps it is covered in a thick blanket of fog outside... more »