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The Music Of Love And R&B

Old lyrics become memories. It seemed Love had a new destiny. From Rap, she had finally been free. She's found a new element. Love began to fall for R&B. Together, they became a new form of Hip Hop. They began a new history. R&B came and rewrote Loves' story. Embracing the new path of poetry. They flowed so perfectly.
Love had a new way to shine. Love and R&B stood side by side. They Erie the sweetest tunes. Creating the most graceful beats. Love was R&B's prized possession. He showcased her everywhere they'd went. For Love, R&B was heaven sent. He took her away from the pain that Rap had caused her. The music of Love and R&B had grew.
Love no longer had to chase what didn't want to be found. R&B had picked her heart up off the ground. R&B was there save her from the rain. When they made love, it was the softest melody. Hip Hop had become a new element if freedom. R&B made Love into his masterpiece. Love had found love.
The music of Love had spoken again. She smiled as if she'd never been hurt before. From the moment she let R&B in her door, she exhaled. She could give her all to him. He could read get thoughts. She spoke of get deepest desires. She knew R&B would take her higher. By him, she was inspired.... more »

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