I am a writer, poet and film maker living in Malaysia my name is Prem Anand Rethinasamy I am 48 years old . First introduced to poetry in2004 by my addiction to read and the movie lord of the rings by TOLKEIN and the vampire chronicles by Ann Rice. my poems are dark and reflect my life in a way. my muses gives me the visuals and that’s the only way I write. as I when into other poets like Poe, Byron, Shelly I began to understand the appetite for my feelings and the mind that creates my world of nightmare within dreams


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within human judgment, i will not be tainted
for sins i am a soul not purely painted
god has not been within me to preach
for godly men seek all man within their reach... more »

Departed Memories

Gone are times we used to share
Memories of life we still care
Within minds and photographs
Waiting for any moment,... more »

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