• Stay Calm..Stay Cool..

    I hate how I'm not that hungry
    And the fact that I'm always so angry
    I'm stressing over my f'n school
    In order to keep cool... more »

  • These Times Are Hard

    These times are hard
    They leave a huge scar
    And all I can see is dark
    But I ain't scared so far... more »

  • These Times Are Hard 2

    I knew this day would come
    So here I sit until it's done
    The time can't go any faster
    At the end of the day I must go home to my 'master'... more »

  • Why?

    Why do you cry?
    Do you cry because your little bit shy,
    High or maybe you just don't know why?
    Well those are definitely not the reasons why I cry... more »