• A Reason.

    i know how it feels.
    i know how it feels to feel unloved.
    i know how it feels to feel unwanted,
    mistreated,... more »

  • All My Fault

    i remember i told her happy birthday,
    right before that,
    i seen it,
    but when they came home that night,... more »

  • Beautiful Inside And Out

    never think your ugly. your always pretty to me.
    never down your self saying that you dont see what others see.
    i see a beautiful boy/girl or man/woman.
    i used to think that i was ugly.... more »

  • Before I Self Destruct

    before i self destruct,
    i always think.
    i wonder where i would go.
    i wonder who would miss me.... more »

  • Blah, Blah Blah!

    blah blah blah.
    people tell me things like theyre dissappointed.
    like im not disappointed.
    you say things on how you think or how you feel like your word is going to mean more than the last person's word.... more »

  • Boy I Love You

    boy, i swear you dont know how much i love you.
    you keep me on track.
    all of the people that have called me crazy,
    you are still here with me.... more »

  • Crazy Is What They Call It

    i've been called it all
    smart mouthed.
    bad.... more »

  • Down Here

    its been a long time.
    u left me.
    i knew it was coming.
    i couldnt prepare my self for it.... more »

  • I Know

    i used to think that i could not go on
    and life was nonthing but an awful song.
    but know i know the true meaning of love
    im leaving on everlasting arms.... more »

  • Love? Really?

    how can you tell someone you love them,
    but yet you don't have enough respect to love yo self?
    in order to love someone else,
    you have to love and respect your self.... more »

  • So Strong

    so she say everybody in the class will miss me
    and will be upset if i do- do it.
    and he say even if i feel like nobody at home love me,
    he do.... more »

  • Whatever

    ___ mother
    ___ father
    ___ other... more »