Passionately dedicated to freeing up creative expression, in any way I can. For me it happens much easier in dance, many forms of art, and eventually in writing via years and years of journaling. My brain is less adept at processing words and good grammar use, so I love poetry that cuts to the chase; it has always been a fascination for me. Yet I am just beginning to let my own writing be as raw as it is sometimes.

Yeah, that is my Nome de Plum


Princess Tajime Poems

Time Of Opening Is Still Here

Relaxed precious love is beautiful and essential.
It is my sincere luscious vision to dance real love forever... more »

Kissed By The Goddess

With relaxed friends and their Precious & Essential Love
behind, & beside me: Life is Beautiful.

Then my frantic ache to live free... more »

A Flooding Yes

Essential love keeps showing gifts of heaven
He is lovable inside her heart... more »

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