• Broke It All

    You knew i would follow you
    Where ever you would go
    And i knew it was not worth it
    I was waiting to give up everything... more »

  • Come A Little Closer-Don't Step Into My Shoes

    If i was onthe edge of a building
    Would you come there,
    screaming my name?... more »

  • Fallen Petals

    Your kiss left me on the edge
    And i remember those cold blue eyes
    That left me in the dark pits... more »

  • Fight Is All We Have

    Do you even realize?
    That we have been fighting for months
    Could we not just let go
    And live happily ever after... more »

  • God Took Me In

    I was lonely and lost
    I was searching for the light
    I had scars in my arm
    I was already fallen... more »

  • Goodbye

    Why did you go so far away from me?
    Was i not enough?
    Did i not make you smile or laugh?
    Did it not hurt you for letting go?... more »

  • How Many Times Should I Cry And Let It Go?

    How many times should i cry,
    Wishing my parents would trust me?
    They just keep remembering the past
    And the mistakes i did... more »

  • I Am Sorry

    Why do i open myself to anyone?
    When all i can cause is frustrationto them
    Why do i depend on someone for their love and care?... more »

  • I Found Myself

    I found myselfin the woods
    Running away from everyone
    I was on the border of insanity
    And i did not want to be found... more »

  • I Will Be Okay

    How do i love
    When i am fallen apart?
    When life makes mistakes
    Because of me... more »

  • Left Behind

    do you know how i feel?
    standing over there,
    looking empty..
    trying to figure out what i did... more »

  • Mirror

    Looking in the mirror
    Who is that?
    She looks like a stranger
    I don't remember seeing her before... more »

  • Not Strong For Another Day

    I feel so empty,
    Don't know what to believe
    Broken inside,
    This pain I can't conceal... more »

  • Notice Me

    Why did i let you in?
    It could have been someone that i love
    Now i am regretting it.
    Causeyou don't deserve anything from me... more »

  • Numb

    I have become numb
    I can barely feel anything
    Its more like silence
    In a lonely room... more »

  • Remember These Words

    I still remember
    Those words you said to me
    You told me to leave you... more »

  • Silence

    How could i live with a pain from the past?
    The pain that almost kills me day and night
    Its deep in my heart and it wont go away
    It stirs up my emotions and puts me in bed... more »

  • Trapped

    I am trapped inside
    Broken and torn
    The love gone to waste
    Always meant to be alone... more »

  • What Will You Do?

    Take a deep breath
    And close your eyes
    What do you see?
    What do you see?... more »

  • Your Gonna Explode

    How long will this go on?
    How long will i keep reminding you?
    How long will you cry and cry?... more »