• Basketball

    my heart pounds as i run downcourt
    my hearts speeds as i plan to shoot
    to watch the ball go thru the hoop
    to watch the people cheer and scream... more »

  • Circus

    My house is a circus
    My house is a zoo
    my brothers are hanging
    and act like bamboons... more »

  • Confusion

    i am confused
    i am misused
    i feel misled
    i feel unsure... more »

  • Da Story Of Your Life

    you have been lied to
    you have been stood up to
    you have been told lies
    dont you think its time to fight back?... more »

  • Frendz For Life?

    why did u lie to me and say u were my frend?
    why did u tell me dat our frendship would never end?... more »

  • Hairy Beast

    boys are hairy
    they are scary
    they are stinky
    with rotten pinkies... more »

  • Hurts The Most

    i think i kno wat hurts the most
    to once be my mother
    but now for as much as kno ur a goner
    up in heavan with God... more »

  • Love Poem (My Version)

    love sucks
    dont get involved
    love hurts
    most of all... more »

  • Over It All

    your eyes
    im over it

    your smile... more »

  • Test

    tick tock goes the clock
    click clack goes the pens
    swish swish goes the feet
    i am taking a test... more »

  • Traitor

    ur a liar
    i hope u kno
    ur a deciever
    dis is not for sho... more »