• A New Day

    Today is the day
    That I stop dreaming
    That I stand on my own
    That I reach for the stars... more »

  • A Prayer For The Lost Souls Of The Young May They Find There Way

    Now I lay me down to sleep
    I pray to the lord our souls he'll keep
    And if one of us should die before we could see
    That we could have been so much more... more »

  • Excuse Me Stranger

    I lock myself in this bathroom
    Crying for you
    I want my daddy
    Where is he... more »

  • Feeling Lucky

    I smell the air I touch the grass I want to roll around in it
    I see the blue sky and the white clouds
    I want to touch them if only I could
    I feel a tickle in my heart when I hear the my children laugh... more »

  • For My Sons

    Son love and be happy
    Go out and embrace the world
    Do not be afraid
    Be yourself and make no apologies for it... more »

  • Guinevere's Dilemma

    You looked on me adoringly
    Who is this man so young
    That all the men follow
    With a good heart and good intentions... more »

  • I Will Never Leave You

    I will never leave you
    Though we are lost
    Though time may age us
    Though rivers may take us... more »

  • Just Me

    I hate the way I look
    Not beautiful by any text book
    The chubbiness of my cheeks
    For soda and junk food I am weak... more »

  • Kissed Without Contact

    You enter the room
    You suck the air right out of me
    You look at me
    You walk to me... more »

  • Let Go Mark Anthony

    Don’t cry no more Mark Anthony
    Things will go your way
    Don’t cry no more Mark Anthony
    There is sunshine through the rain... more »

  • Lost Love?

    What once was
    Can never be
    To see you now
    Its amazing... more »

  • Lust

    To feel your hands once again
    To feel your warm breathe on my neck
    To feel your lips on mine
    To see in your eyes the longing for me... more »

  • My Reflection

    A Child crying into the mirror
    Holding her hand to its reflection
    Daddy I want my daddy
    To almost a woman putting on makeup... more »

  • On This Night

    On this night
    Its just me and you
    With the stars shining down
    and the light of the moon... more »

  • Quote

    ... more »

  • Reflection

    Sitting here
    With a beer in my hand
    I rest my head on the back of this chair
    I breathe in and slowly exhale... more »

  • Sleepless Nights Of A Poet

    I sit here
    I can’t sleep
    Thoughts race through my head
    Reach out... more »

  • Take Me Back To Those Days

    Take me back to the days
    When people believed in chivalry
    Being a good man was a goal
    Take me back to the days when children were a gift... more »

  • The Day (For Nana Carol Monroy)

    The Day was warm and sunny
    The Sun was Shining upon your face
    You are playing with your three sons
    You are flawless and move with such grace... more »

  • The Door

    A new life is what you wanted
    To be loved was what you yearned for
    So you left us behind and went out the door
    Don’t look back... more »

  • This Life

    Make it go away
    This fear
    This uncertainty
    Make it go away... more »

  • Time

    The clock ticks away the seconds pass by
    I am still here nothing
    The clock ticks away the minutes pass by
    I am still here nothing has changed... more »

  • Together/Apart

    I want you to look at me
    See me
    Feel me
    Love me... more »

  • Until We Meet Again

    I am the whisper in the breeze,
    the laughter in the rain,
    the warmth of the sun,
    the light shining through the clouds... more »

  • Wanting

    You've never said it
    but I can see it in your eyes
    something passed between us
    that our eyes cannot disguise... more »