• 99 Times

    There is something called a beating heart
    Somewhere where you hit me hard
    Still I say I wanna live with you
    99 times I said I love you.... more »

  • Agony

    I get along with many people
    In each face I see you Agony
    If I am happy or if I am sad
    Its you who is on Agony!... more »

  • Angels Around

    When divinity dominates your heart
    You can't be alone even if you feel lonely
    There are angels in the air to protect you
    To make you feel warm and homely.... more »

  • Blissful Life

    I walk on land & look at the sky
    At the birds that freely fly
    With no wonder I gaze at them
    The bird inside me ready to fly!... more »

  • Collapsed

    Your love strengthens my soul
    And it takes the strength away
    It gives me joy and gives me pain
    How beautifully you play.... more »

  • Dark Sunday

    See the darkness creeps on me
    before it was was a bright sun day
    All the smiles are tearful and wet
    was that a mistake I made someday!... more »

  • Darling Dolls

    Three pretty elegant ladies
    Of my lonely garden they are the bees
    They say not a word they just smile
    beautiful, lovely they carry their style!... more »

  • Disheartened Doll

    The story of a disheartened doll
    A caring heart and pure soul
    Solitary doll alienated and alone
    Belongs to the lovely world unknown... more »

  • Dream

    Dream O Dream I crave for you
    I search for you, I wait for you!
    My life now is at death's door
    Be my life, be my shore.... more »

  • Eternity

    The man who made her cry
    This morning was the one,
    She loved the most in life
    like she loved none!... more »

  • From Earth To Eternity

    Soon I will run away
    to some far away place
    in search of my dreams
    In search of peace & solace!... more »

  • From Princess To Queen

    They say the life of a girl changes after marriage...
    Yes it does!... more »

  • God Bless

    Shivering soul screams loud
    Faded faces in the crowd
    heart-shaking crimson red
    Mind numbing peculiar dread!... more »

  • Happy Birthday To Me

    I look at the pictures a thousand times
    And see the pain within the two eyes
    The smile so beautiful and enchanting
    Spreading like the shades of new sunrise!... more »

  • Love Drives

    A sincere man turned into a daydreamer
    He dreams all day and night
    I asked what made him so
    He answered looking into my eyes...... more »

  • Love Lost

    She fell for a man of wits and wisdom
    his eyes hypnotized her senses
    She was ready to sacrifice her freedom
    To his tune her heartbeat dances!... more »

  • Love Lost...Continues

    Her fancies soon came to an end
    As she was asked to change herself
    Be a bit strong my lady and work hard
    Said the most romantic man himself.... more »

  • Make Or Break

    Past is always glorious
    No matter how horrible it was
    It's always nostalgic
    No matter how terrific it was.... more »

  • Man And Mate

    I am a man
    A son, a brother, a daddy
    I know what I mean
    to my sweet lovely lady!... more »

  • Memories Snatched

    When things around me were dark and dull
    I had some memories to cherish
    Close to my heart, they were my only consort
    Something that could never perish.... more »

  • Midnight Misery

    Up till late
    Reading my fate
    With me was the nymph
    Diana and the sylphs.... more »

  • Miserable Missus

    Curled up under a tree
    I sat and wept alone
    the wind sweeping my hair
    while I cried, sighed and moaned!... more »

  • Moon And Me

    Under the dark dense sky in a silent night
    I looked up at the glowing moon, a shimmering sight!
    And the stars that twinkle, winked their eyes
    I wish all nights were so beautiful, need no sunrise!... more »

  • Moth And Fire

    Your thought crosses my mind
    I see you and I heartily admire
    Your love gives me wings
    And I fly like a moth towards the fire!... more »

  • My Eyes

    My two dark dazzling eyes
    they speak a lot and tell a story
    of dark days, struggle and glory.... more »