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My Solitude is my solace and my imagination my world. I believe one should not escape from reality but if one feels that this is not a place to which one belongs then one should create one's own world!
I have a world of my own
where peace sings and joy dances,
where humanity rules and justice advances,
where cupids fly and angels reside,
where evils stand by angel's side
I have my own world
Where I find peace and solace!
And I would like to give you a glimpse of it.
Through my poems I give you a chance to take a stroll and see all that I control and set free in my world!
I speak less but express more because I have words to offer and thoughts to release.


Priya Pareek Poems


There is a spark within you O man
There is a ray that lights the world
There is a strength hidden inside
Pen it down into the words.... more »

Blissful Life

I walk on land & look at the sky
At the birds that freely fly
With no wonder I gaze at them
The bird inside me ready to fly!... more »

The Way I Do

I walk alone the narrow lane
With tearful eyes in heavy rain
To hide my pain that glooms my day
But you can't see cz you are away.... more »

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