• A Lost Pursuit

    Death approaches in ways no one can tell
    To me it came as the peal of a wedding bell

    How surely it approached, I saw it coming... more »

  • Brown Boy

    I see you lie in loose knot
    With nothing but the sacred thread,
    that removes any trace of vulgarity
    From your stark brown nakedness.... more »

  • Duty

    That night they lay, arm in arm,
    heavy with the weight of words sparred
    Looking into the black night around….
    The inertia of illusion had passed.... more »

  • Everyone Asks Why I Love You...

    Everyone asks why I love you
    Why love a person who can never love or understand
    Don’t they see your silent offering for me?
    The copper plate filled with all your heart... more »

  • Heart Of Darkness

    I left behind my paint, my brush, my pen and my paper
    ‘Because they don’t take you far’, they said
    Paints and books are good enough, if kept in the library, they said
    So I kept mine aside, believe me it wasn’t easy... more »

  • Knotted Thoughts

    Doors are closed.There is no one to take the pain, take the blame. A beautiful corpse, a beautiful bride, a beautiful household. A business card. Fragments...of self loathing...of world loathing...that people put up as poetry.., nowadays on fb.... more »

  • Lost Words

    How quickly words flew out when you were there,
    Love, jealousy, anger, hurt- how eloquently they filled up my lexis!
    Now that you are gone
    They are all gone too….... more »

  • Love Story

    Beautiful love stories in gilded frames
    Inside the pages were torn, and dog-eared
    For too often have multitudes read them and revered them.... more »

  • Me And Myself

    Me and Myself
    Never for a while alone
    Always in a game,
    In quest of love, in quest of stimulation... more »

  • Memories

    In the half lit corridor I beheld his face
    Like a lily bloom that youth did unlace
    In stealthy steps he walked the night
    Or was he in a hurried elfin flight.... more »

  • Mental Hygiene

    I have been fighting, fighting in vain
    For an ounce of self-respect, a yard of sanity
    But these are an elusive pair of twins, they are Siamese perhaps
    I keep telling myself that my mental hygiene is my own... more »

  • Moments Of Free Musings

    Oh, freedom, to be free
    It always brings a song out of me
    To be out running on the roads of my dream
    Smug in bed... more »

  • Never Yellow Again

    I can never wear my yellow skirt again
    Twirling around my ankles
    I can never tie my hair up again
    Or draw out sidelocks like bangles.... more »

  • Season Of Lovemaking

    there lies the human body- all futile, all worthless, all flesh
    the season of lovemaking is over- now look at the unshapely wax
    these are the legs that had adorned your waist in blatant embrace
    now look- they pretend to lie so limp as if devoured by polio... more »

  • The Anklets Of The New Bride

    They danced with joy, a pair of silver anklets they were
    Studded with tiny bright stones
    Looking beautiful on the fair softness of the girl's legs... more »

  • The Ghost With The Pretty Face

    During unaccounted moments
    When I let my mind wander to wherever it wishes to go
    Your ghost with a pretty face
    Comes knocking at the door.... more »

  • The Mad Princess And The Poor Pauper

    A mad princess fell in love with a delightful pauper
    They made quite a match-
    The princess was gleefully mad
    All the signs of madness the pauper mistook for love... more »

  • Tweedle Dum And Tweedle Dee- One Mba The Other Phd

    Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee
    See what a fine pair they make
    ‘U do an MBA’, says Tweedle Dum to Tweedle Dee
    ‘While I the PhD route take’... more »

  • Wiill You Be There

    Someday, one day, I will travel half the world for you
    Will you..
    Do you believe my incredible promise?
    Should I wait to make the journey one day for real... more »