Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai Quotes

(1) Beautiful pens are not necessary for beautiful writings. (2) Beautiful wives are not necessary for beautiful domestic atmosphere. (3) Beautiful eyes are not necessary to trace beauty. (4) Beautiful dreams are not enough for beautiful deeds. (5) Beauty creators are often not externally beautiful. (6) Beauty lovers can find beauty even in dark and ugly things. (7) Morality is the beauty of soul. (8) Often beautiful souls hide behind ugly bodies and ugly souls behind beautiful bodies. (9) Beauty of body is rare but the beauty of soul is the most rare. (10) Each sense has its beauty but the beauty of seeing is the most common.
To my respected parents
Those who seek beauty in physical things are children; those who seek beauty in intellectual things are adults; but only those who seek beauty in spiritual things are mature ones.
To my respected teachers.
As eyes are the most beautiful part of body, the most beautiful objects of nature are for eyes.
to my brothers and sisters
Beauty can be bought but to some extent.
to my friends
Beauty is short lived but its effect is long lasting.
to friends
Beauty is undefined but a flower can act as a scale.
to my students
Those who can appreciate beauty often don't find it; and those who find it often can't appreciate it.
To my students
Every beauty can't be loved by everybody.
To my friends
Beauty induces attraction but love is not dependent on beauty.
to my students
Forgiveness is the beauty of morality; charity is the beauty of business.
To my friends