• For You In I, I In You

    words by you seem more than just symbols
    words develop a form understood by us
    words by you are emotions defined
    words develp sustaining movements of the heart... more »

  • I See I Saw Love

    i think i saw what love is when it is real
    i think i know, yes i know real love
    it is so pure and blind driven by faith
    yet so wise to know the truth... more »

  • Love Is

    truth through strength
    truth in mind head strong
    love is strong heads up
    for the genuine one i feel... more »

  • Places Where We

    in places where words seem left out
    in places where hearts don't feel a thing
    in places where eyes don't see a thing
    in places where feelings are suppressed... more »

  • The Devine One

    the devine queen of heritage
    rejoice in your own sovereign
    return to life after your complete journey
    return to reclaim your throne... more »

  • The Space I Feel

    the landscape is immense and open
    the sky is gigantic
    the air is fresh and lungfuls are worthy
    the space i feel... more »

  • Write It

    in writing its clear
    in writing its known
    in writing its understood
    its not about reading it, its about writing it... more »

  • Yesterday

    Yesterday was good
    I walked alone
    I watched the world around me
    I watched the kids play, the dust rising from the ground... more »