Poetry is vital language. Poetry depends on the writer’s sensations, history as well as perceptions, so every person has the background needed to write down poems. Because poetry draws for the senses and the senses give deep having access to memories as well as feelings, poetry writing is applicable and exciting. I have been inspired by reading poetry since my childhood, because it has touched my sentiments in depth. The medium I write poems to this site is not my mother tongue. But as a person who believes in rule free poetic I feel the way I compose poetry will impress the reader.


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'Unending Quest'

From womb to the tomb
We are on a quest.....
Deceiving each other,
Flattering our beloveds... more »

Follower Of Omar Khayyam

As dew dwells on a tiny leaf
Life flows with motley ribs
Singing the hymn of life’s loaf
We play the game till end comes... more »

Ode To Winter

Chill wind slowly embraces the body
Wolves of the night howl and bark
Gloomy clouds roaming across the sky
Glitter of the moon fades in dark.... more »

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