• As Hungry As A Shark

    I am a great shark
    Lonely but not dangerous
    Just kidding as in smiling
    I promise no laughing... more »

  • Baikal And Lena

    My love for you overflows the shadows of imagination
    In a dark bar in Siberia at dawn
    Mixing whisky and vodka since the night before... more »

  • Conversations With A Raven

    The intelligent bird thought at last
    To forward a conversation with me
    What he had heard in the deep trees
    By the deepest ravine in the valleys... more »

  • Electric Pain

    ... more »

  • From My Broken Heart

    A little thing that blossoms in our hearts
    Pure new and full of bliss
    Like a flower till it withers away
    The same flower never blooms again... more »

  • Home Has No Adjective Before It

    In my life I have seen two kinds of many people
    Those who have home and all other types of people

    What pain and joy it brings to the heart... more »

  • Love At First Sight

    I hope I could explain you
    It would have been a song
    For lovers around the world
    Who cared a damn for gold... more »

  • Maharathi Arjuna

    When the golden Bharata
    Was burdened in adharma
    Lord Vishnu sent an arrow
    From His golden bow Krishna... more »

  • My White Umbrella

    Rain clouds surged towards the eye
    Like monstrous alligators in ashen skins
    Sucked into a black whirlpool of thunder
    With lightnings streaking the changing sky... more »

  • Once Upon A Time In Cambodia

    One weary night in the green Cambodia
    Chasing came the planes from america
    Riding the wings of terror
    Arrived the mad custodians... more »

  • Psychology Of A Ghost

    The times of a ghost are always sad
    Whoever met a happy ghost are now dead
    The fleeting moments of illusion
    Take form yet not of matter... more »

  • Talking To Myself

    In the start I see
    Without seeing actually
    By the middle I realize
    Myself without disguise... more »

  • The Art Of Crying

    In the darkness of time
    A mirror shines so bright
    In the calm waters of the soul
    I stare myself into the foxhole... more »

  • The Cow Killer

    A lot of life he had been with the cow
    A much of view he seen with the cow
    His lovely fingers been feeling the cow
    The whole days he is watching the cow... more »

  • The Eyes Of Innocence

    Whose eyes are a maze with no escape
    The celestial gold of water and fire
    Below the titian night thrown to wind
    Waters spill jackals howl for the two moons... more »

  • The Flowers Of Rain

    I had some money then
    When love was cheap and roads narrow
    I lost myself one such way
    As of losing I have this only to say... more »

  • The Name Of That Girl

    In the name of that girl
    Mountains buried their loneliness
    In dark times for a human
    Tears could hide in helplessness... more »