• Abjured Dreams

    When reality enacts a crucial drama
    life perspires for a longing relief in brief

    Craving hunger as a transmute witness... more »

  • Autumn's Leaf

    My beloved!
    now I had the occasion to strike a glance at you
    happily relaxing and spreading cool coloured flowers
    all over your body to favour you with sweet fragrance... more »

  • Dusting The Lust In Love And Rust In Life

    Dusting the lust in love and life
    What a miss really in life
    I am loosing the sheen of the teens... more »

  • Love, A Musical Muse

    Where ever I stroll on during
    the mid time on a summer day
    You follow me like a cool
    and Southern breeze... more »

  • Yours For Ever

    During day time
    you scorch me like SUN
    and make me sweat althrough the day
    biting sharp with your harping looks all over my body... more »